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June Focus Newsletter


June has been a busy month for CMFCAA. We have juggled a fundraiser BBQ that has provided resources for us to assist more families, and we sponsored the second annual KIN Conference to connect other families in similar situations and give them much-needed support and resources.


Our BBQ benefits many Central Missouri Families

The wonderful volunteers from Samco.

DeAnna Alonso (center) with board members Carol Fischer (left) and Steve Bruce.

Our fourth annual summer fundraiser was a great time. We introduced a new way for the whiskey/wine pull where we had almost 50 bottles of alcohol as prizes determined by a giant Plinko board that was center-stage. Within 40 minutes of the BBQ, all the bottles had already been won. The event raised over $10,000 and featured a barbecue pork steak dinner cooked to perfection by the MFA Oil team, and a cornhole tournament won by Eric Bowe and Christina Bailey. The grand prize was a Mizzou cornhole set.

In addition to the revenue from ticket sales, participants could choose to sponsor the organization at a price anywhere from $500-$10,000. There was a card on each table highlighting a child from the Missouri Heart Gallery grounding the attendees on what the fun event was all about.

President/CEO DeAnna Alonso said the barbecue was a way for people to relax, connect and talk about what they could do and why they care about children in foster, adoptive, and kinship families. “It is about people’s hearts and about what the connection is to the future of our children,” she said. “We need a lot of people thinking about the future of our children.”


Catering connections at the KIN Conference

From meeting families and hearing their amazing stories to running with kids to hearing the speakers testify on their reason why for helping kids, the KIN Conference was an amazing experience.

The conference started with DeAnna acting as an MC to introduce and welcome the families and speakers. The first speaker was Darrell Missey, director of the Missouri Children’s Division. He spoke about “getting back to the basics with childcare,” and presented handmade yarn dolls to the families that had been caregivers the longest (18 years) and the newest caregivers in the room (six months).  READ MORE...


Upcoming events


July 14 — Phelps County Odyssey

July 15  Randolph County Odyssey

July 22 — Gasconade County Odyssey

July 24-26 — R.E.A.L. Foster Care Conference


For a comprehensive list, view our website calendar.


Let's be R.E.A.L. We need volunteers

Our R.E.A.L. Conference is next month and we will need volunteers to help with the conference. If you are interested, click the link below.


Children in care often need someone to be a hero. To take them in and show love and compassion they otherwise may not have had. To those who step up to foster and adopt, we do everything we can to support you. It takes a community of heroes just like you to be able to provide that support. Please consider, joining our monthly giving program and being a hero for these children so often overlooked. Thank you and we look forward to the wonderful year we will have in 2023!

$12 for 12 months, monthly giving levels

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