March 2022


Women Doing Good in Jefferson City!

This week, CMFCAA was honored to watch a group of amazing and worthy women be recognized for doing good in our community. Our incredible CEO, DeAnna Alonso, was among the group of incredible women to be recognized for the good she has done for others within our local community. Read an excerpt below from the News Tribune article about the award ceremony.

Central Missouri is filled with examples of resiliency — of people doing good, despite challenges and hard times, said keynote speaker Ann Bax, director of the United Way of Central Missouri.

“I’m so proud of our community and the resiliency — and it takes resiliency, perseverance, faith, optimism and gratitude,” Bax said.

All of those things are what ultimately define us all, she said.

“When you do good, you serve your family, your community and your world,” Bax said. “I think our honorees would agree … it serves your own soul. It fulfills you. It gives you a deeper purpose in life. It makes your life more enriching.”

It is a key to happiness, she said.

"Award winners represented role models for the next generation, Salvation Army Capt. Sarah Windell said.

They represent women daughters can look up to — to aspire to emulate, Windell said.

Windell added she has a young daughter.

“I hope she can hear about these stories and hear about how she can make a difference in our community,” Windell said.

“We all have the power to change our world for good,” Bax said. “Never forget that, and never doubt that. Not the selfish power — for fame or notoriety — but because it’s the right thing to do.”

Read entire article here:

Volunteer or Intern with CMFCAA!

This month, CMFCAA volunteers helped us at a Luau Themes Dodgeball Tournament! Not only was it a fun night, but the tournament raised funds for CMFCAA! We are so thankful for our volunteers and our community for giving back in such fun and creative ways.

If you are interested in interning, volunteering, or serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with CMFCAA, you can learn more today by contacting our Volunteer Supervisor, Chase Wyckwood, at

Or, you can take the first step and click the link below to create your volunteer profile now!


CMFCAA Welcomes New Staff Members!


The CMFCAA Team is growing fast! Over the last month, we have welcomed six new staff members into four different departments within our organization. We are so excited to welcome each of these wonderful people to our team!

CMFCAA is growing fast! There are new positions opening every day. 
Apply Today!


Direct Services Odyssey Events

The Direct Services team is so excited to get 2022 up and running! A lot of time has been put into creating a full calendar of events for our families this year. In January, Phelps County held their first Odyssey event of the year. 

Testimonials from our families regarding Odyssey Events: 

"As a former foster parent, it was nice to get a moment of peace knowing our kids are with people who understand and respect the foster care system."

"I have always had a hard time finding “sitters” for the kids who I am comfortable with. It has helped my son not feel alone in the foster care community, and has allowed my family to bond with other families in the community."

"We have five kids, all under 10-years-old. In our experience, it has been impossible to find someone to watch the kids so my husband and I can go out. It is important for us to get some kid-free time on occasion! This is the only time in months that I got to have dinner and just relax without kids. It was amazing! I did not have to find a babysitter or worry about my kids with special needs. I was able to go with my husband on a special date to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I feel CMFCAA is doing a wonderful job supporting foster, adoptive and guardianship families in our community."


This Odyssey event was held at The Zone in Rolla. The children had a blast skating, playing laser tag, playing arcade games, and more!

Family Development Department

In February, the Family Development team successfully trained another group in the STARS Training. Read one of the graduates testimonials about the training below.

-What did you learn?

"I learned that all kids in foster care are dealing with some degree of trauma, regardless of age, reason for entering care, etc. I learned how to respect their story and show them that they are in a safe and caring environment. I am no aware that the foster care community is very willing to listen, talk, and help each other in any way possible."

-What did you like about training?

"I loved the Zoom format! It made it so much easier for me to make it to the meetings consistently. I also liked how thoroughly everything was taught. I appreciate the lack of judgement regarding bio families. I did not realize until starting the class that I felt a little bias against bio families. Hearing about specific stories and being pushed to see this as an opportunity to not only help a child, but to help a family was eye opening and will make me a more compassionate person in general."

-How did training help you/prepare you to be a foster parent?

"I feel so much more confident now after training than I did before. I knew this was something I strongly wanted to pursue, but I felt completely lost as far as what to expect. I have learned more about the process of becoming licensed, taking in a placement, nurturing a child and working with a team toward re-unification if possible, and adoption/other permanency plan if not. I have so much more to learn, but I feel ready to continue this journey and even though I am doing this as a single parent, I no longer feel like I am doing it alone."

A young couple standing in the snow

Community Connections Youth Project®

Our young people need support and strong advocates who will help them as they grow into adulthood. That is exactly what our CCYP® team is committed to providing every young person.

Pictured here is CCYP® client, David N. This is David attending the first of 4 college visits set up by CCYP® Specialist, Travis. David is looking forward to attending college this fall and wants to major in Business.

Kinship Navigators Continue to Support Caregivers

Kinship Navigator Supervisor, Crystal Wilson, serves as a board member for the Lake Ozark Daybreak Rotary and she worked to register attendees at the Winterfest event last month. This annual fundraiser benefits local charities including CMFCAA. We so thankful that our leadership serves the community in so many ways!

Email Crystal Wilson for more information about the Kinship Navigator program!


30 Days to Family®

30 Days is an intense, short-term intervention program developed by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition to 1) increase the number of children placed with relatives when they enter the foster care system; and 2) ensure natural and community supports are in place to promote stability for the child. The program model features two major elements: family finding and family support interventions.


CMFCAA's 3rd Annual Luau!

We want to invite you to join us for our 3rd Annual Luau! This year, the event will take place on Thursday, June 9, 2022 at the Millbottom in Jefferson City, Missouri. Despite struggling through the newest variant of COVID-19, CMFCAA has continued to provide critical services and resources to vulnerable foster, adoptive and kinship children, youth, and families. These life-changing services offer individualized support, specially packed backpacks full of hygiene products and clothing, Odyssey events for the kids, direct intervention for families, and advocacy for youth and families in the Central Missouri area.

In 2021, we helped serve over 3,000 deserving children and families! CMFCAA is looking forward to another fun and successful Luau and asks for your generous support by taking part in this amazing event. Our sponsors throughout central Missouri are the key to making this year’s event a fundraiser that will benefit hundreds of children and families. With your help, CMFCAA can continue to break the cycle of trauma in the lives of children and youth. Our adopted, foster, and kinship children and families thank you for another year of faithful support! 

Tickets will be available soon! Click below to sponsor this event!

Building Beautiful Family trees across Mid-Missouri

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